A year of success

CEO comments on progress

Summary in brief

Highlights from 2016

  • Phase I/II Clinical Study was initiated after approval from the authorities
  • Completed a fully subscribed share issue in order to finance further development
  • Selected to participate in a European delegation to Japan
  • Received the Nordic Stars Award for commitment to develop better vaccines for children
  • Additional approved patents in Australia, Russia and New Zeeland
  • Recruited Dr. Marie Olliver as Diector of Clinical Development
  • Intensified communication and meetings with Investors and Partners

Patented Technology

CSO explains the potential of Endocine™

Hear Anna-Karin Maltais, Chief Scientific Officer, explain the potential of the technology platform Endocine™ and how it can enable development of more natural, efficient and cost effective vaccines. She also shares the latest update on the progress of Eurocine Vaccines first candidate Immunose™ FLU, targeted to meet the medical need of a effective influenza vaccine for children. Interested? Please find a list of publications about the adjuvant technology here =>

The Clinical Study

Report on progress with Immunose™ FLU

Finance & Facts

Eurocine Vaccine in figures

Due to thorough planning and careful management the Phase I/II study of Immunose™ FLU began in October 2016 with the last dose given already in early December. Director of Clinical Development Dr. Marie Olliver explains how such rapid enrolment was possible and when the results can be expected.
More about the study at www.clinicaltrials.com

  • Located at the Karolinska Institutet Science Park, Sweden
  • Number of employees: 3
  • Net Result: -€1,5 million
  • Patented technology platform, a natural lipid based nasal adjuvant, Endocine™
  • Product candidate Immunose™ FLU, targeted to children under 2 years
  • The company holds several patents for both the technology platform and product candidate

Organization supported by a Scientific Advisory Panel with Professor Alf Lindberg, previously member of the Nobel Committee, as it's Chairman Download latest reports (in Swedish):  Annual Report

Business case and strategy

Fastest way ahead, at a steady pace

The board & the vision

Meet its member and hear their passion

Since Endocine™ can be used in a variety of vaccines against viral/bacterial infections both for prophylactic and therapeutic use it is the strategy of Eurocine Vaccines to out-license the technology platform, or product rights, to interested partners. Read more about Endocine™ here or see an interview with CEO Hans Arwidsson at Bio-Europe Spring 2016, about the new partnering strategy. The rapid movement and progress of the candidate Immunose™ FLU during this year has also opened for promising scenarios regarding further development. Several such scenarios are now investigated during the spring 2017. Also, we encourage you to meet Eurocine Vaccines at the various international conferences. Have a look in our Calendar to find a suitable date for an appointment.

Being a small and efficient organization, the success of the company is dependent on a good relationship and involvement of the board directors and their expertise. Hear their story, why they believe in both the product and organization and what thrills them to take part on this journey into the future of vaccination. Read more about the the board of the company =>